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Love and text messages

(imma be using a different name for the characters on my blog simply because i want their identity to be hidden)


"Frog!" text sakin ng bestfriend ko... Why frog? Yun ang tawagan namin. He said that we're both frogs, looking for our prince who will kiss us to make us humans again... (story from the frog prince. At dahil dun, tawagin natin syang frog!)

"Yes?" I replied.

"Im happy!" reply nya ulit... and the conversation on text went on...

Me: why?
Frog: I'm hired!

Frog is an architect, well not really. Although tapos sya ng course na yun, he still needs to undergo "apprenticeship" before he can take the board exam and be a full-pledged architect.

Me: See?! I told you so...
Frog: Yeah! I'm so happy! I even texted Sam and Beb...

Sam is my bestfriend's ultimate crush! He saw his picture in a gay community site and since then, he was captivated by it. Mula nang makita nya ang profile pic ni Sam sa site na yun, he was captivated. Sam is cute, i must admit. And they already met in person. And sadly, walang chemistry... But Frog is still into him.

Beb, on the other hand, is my boyfriend. We met in the same gay community site. We met in one of the foums there. A year ago, I met him personally in one of those grand eyeball that the thread starter organized. The day I met him, i was still dating someone and he knows that. So apparently, walang nangyari until this May 2009. After not having any news about him, he suddenly "buzzed" me on my yahoo messenger. We chatted for a while and he started talking about liking me. Since I'm not in any relationship that time, (and I kinda like him) I agreed when he asked me on a date. And the rest is history... Moving on...

Me: So, did beb replied to you?
Frog: No.
Me: Baka tulog na... Di na din nagreply sa huli kong text eh.
Frog: Baka nga...
Me: How bout Sam?
Frog: Hindi naman pala-text yun!
Me: Pinagtatanggol mo lang yan. Nagrereply naman yun eh... Ang sabihin mo, ayaw lang talaga nya sayo.
Frog: I just missed him and I want him to know the good news.
Me: No comment. You know how I feel about that topic.

When frog told me about it before, 'twas okay for me. But I know frog better, he can fall for a guy so fast that I cant even warn him not to. And that's what happened. He fell in love with Sam but Sam's not interested. When I found out that he's in love with Sam, I knew he doesnt have the slightest chance so I kept on telling him to stop it and forget about his feelings.

Frog: I miss him.
Me: Nasabi mo na bang hired ka na?
Frog: Hindi pa...
Me: E anong tinext mo sa kanya?
Frog: Sabi ko sa text, "hi"
Me: Kaloka! E kung itext mo kaya sya na hired ka na! baka sakaling magreply!
Frog: Okie! Okie! Wait! Text ko na sya now...

Yeah, I know na kakasabi ko lang na ayoko sya umasa sa wala. Pero giving him hopes is not a bad thing either. I just wish that Frog will find someone who can make his feelings for Sam go away.

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First of all...


Hello to all of you whose reading this blog.

I just wanted to say that im not really a good blogger. This is my first time to write a blog. I still dont have any idea what to write here since im a "noob" when it comes to writing blogs. Im not really a big fan of blogs and you might ask why I have one. Well, here's why...

I recently became a big fan of blogs just this year when a co-worker of mine told me to read her friend's blog. She told me to read it when we have free time during work. Meaning (kapag petiks mode at wala masyadong ginagawa sa floor) if there's an avail time and there's not much work to do. After she gave me the link, i started reading it that day. It was funny and some entries are inspiring and one can really relate to it. The blogger is funny and witty. He really is. But that's not really the reason why I started my blog. I mean, yes he inspired me to do my own but what's the real reason behind it?

I dunno if there really is a reason why I started my own blog. I once asked my friend, a blogger, why she started her own blog. She told me she just want to and that blog is like her diary.., where she can write about what happened at one point in time on her life, write/share some ideas or random thoughts. Only, it is online. I guess she's right. Somehow, I did started writing blogs because I want to share something in my life to readers and fellow bloggers.

Okay, that's just a long explanation. It is getting late and I need to hit the sack for now. I'm really hoping that this will be a good start.

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