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How's it like to be the other man...


In our society, whether gay or straight, people had their own stories to tell. Those funny and crazy ones are so easy to share to others. But how about those sad and painful ones? Some people, they prefer to share it to others so that those who knew will know what to do if the time comes that they will experience the same. Some just leave it all behind and forget about it but it's easier said that done.

I was talking to a friend the other day and he's complaining about his love life. The usual story, boy meets boy. They liked each other so they went out, had sex and had a somehow ideal relationship. Of course, all of that happened before boy #1 knew that boy#2 is already committed. This kind of thing happens all kind of relationships. May it be homosexual or heterosexual.

Often times, we say that the legal partner is pitiful. But have you ever heard the other side of the story?

While I was talking to that friend of mine through text, I asked him if he knew that the guy he was dating is already committed. He said "no". Although I'm not fully convinced, I asked him another question and that is what he's gonna do now that he knew. He told me honestly that he's afraid to confront his lover and that he's feeling guilty already. As what others advised him, I told him to break up with the guy. That since he already knew about him being the third party, he should do the right thing and that is not to see the guy he's dating ever again.

And then it struck me. Did my friend really do something wrong? All he did is fall in love and hope for the best, that's all. If he doesn't really know, then doesn't that make him the victim. But what if he knew all along and he let himself fall into a trap that he cant get out and he's only telling me that he doesn't knew about it before so that way I won't think of him as a bad person? Then that means he's at fault.

As time passed by, and after almost 20 text messages, he said he'll end the relationship. I told him that it's the best thing to do and that he won't regret it because he deserve better. And then I thought, what if I was on his shoes? Where would I find the courage to make a decision? And then it became clear to me...Why would I think about such a thing?

I have to be thankful instead because I'm not the one who fell into such trap. But being the other man sure beats the hell out of that friend of mine. ^_^

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The dilemma of being the other guy...
It's like choosing the devil or the deep blue sea. hehe tsk tsk..

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