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It's just not my day...

It was Friday morning and my phone is ringing. It was a call from Hoku. I cant decide whether to answer the phone or not. I looked for my alarm clock. It's almost 8:30am. I went to the CR, ignoring the call. Why is he calling me?

I did my morning rituals while still checking if my phone is still ringing. It already stopped right before I finished what I was doing. Then I heard it rang again, this time because of a text message. I hurriedly grabbed my phone hoping it was Beb. It's from Hoku.

"Where are you? Why didn't you answer your phone? I know you don't have work today. Can we talk?" he said on the message.

I don't know why I did but I decided to reply on his text. I've been found out anyways. "Which question would you want me to answer first?"

After 5mins of waiting on his reply, he called my phone again but this time, I picked up.

"Good Morning." I heard on the other line.
"Not a good one for me though..." I heard him sigh on the other line.
"Can I see you later on today?" he asked.
"Nope. I have something important to do." I answered.
"What? Or rather who? Is it Beb?"
"None of your business." i said but he got my answer, it's a 'yes'.
"Look, can we just have coffee or lunch together?"

I thought of a good excuse so I wont have to go.

"It wont be long. I just need to talk to you." he bargained.
"Fine." I said. "What time?"
"Is 11:30am fine with you?"
"Ok. I'll see you at shangrila?"
"Ok. I'll see you there. Take care."
"You too..." I told him as we ended the conversation.

Hoku is my ex-boyfriend. We were together for a year and a half.

By 11:45, I was at shangrila. I went to KFC where I saw him standing by the entrance.

"Kamusta?" bati nya sakin.
"Am good." sagot ko naman habang naglalakad papuntang counter. "Umorder na tayo para makaupo na tayo."

"You know that me and JM broke up, right?" una syang nagsalita nang makahanap kami ng mauupuan at habang naghihintay ng order namin.
"Yes." sagot ko naman. "So what do you want to talk about?"
"My mom misses you." he answered. "She was asking me kung ok ka."
"Tell her I do. And that I miss her, too." I said.

It is true, though, that I miss his mom. She lives in Hawai'i. When we're still together, his mom spent a whole month vacation here. It was fun meeting his mom.

I was thinking about it when our food arrived.

"My mom, she really likes you a lot." Hoku said after drinking his soda. "Nung nagbreak nga kami ni JM, my mom was asking if you're still single. Kasi daw, if you are, bakit di na lang maging tayo ulit." he looked at me and smiled.

It was an awkward moment for me. I didn't know what to say, really. I don't even know what to think. I looked at him and told him, "It's better that we don't."

"I know. I'm just saying. Did you know that JM is so jealous of you?"
Umandar na naman ang pagka-vain ko, "OO!" sagot ko. Natawa na lang kami.
"Remember the time when you, me and him met at SM North? Pinag-awayan namin yung araw na yun" he asked while eating.
Natawa lang ako. "Yeah! Tanong ka nang tanong nun, kung kamusta na ako and stuff... Iritable na nga ako eh. Tapos nilibre mo pa ako ng lunch nun nagyaya kumain si JM sa Tokyo Tokyo while he paid his own food. I was texting my bestfriend back then kaya natagalan ko kayo." I laughed with, I must admit, bitterness.
"Kaya ka pala natatawa ka nun pero pinipigil mo." he smiled at me. Nagpapakyut ba to, tanong ko sa sarili ko.

I didn't say anything habang tinatapos namin yung pagkain namin. Wala din naman akong sasabihin so I remained quiet.

"So are you dating someone?" I asked after I finished my food.
"I'm dating 4 guys right now." he answered as he finish his food. "No. Make that three. I already talked to the other one and told him that we're not really meant to be."
"You still haven't change, I see." walang kagatol-gatol kong nasabi.
"What do you mean by that?" he asked.
"Well, you know, you flirted with JM while we're still together and now you're dating 3guys at the same time." sagot ko. He didn't say anything, natawa lang sya.

After that, I decided to go home. Hindi na niya ako pinigil because I told him that I have to meet up with Beb after his shift. Pero bago pa ako makatayo sa kinauupuan ko, he asked me something...

"Maghahanap ako ng bagong mauupahan, probably by October. It's just that nasanay na akong you're always around kaya medyo nahirapan akong mag-adjust nun umalis ka sa bahay at si JM ang pumalit. Uhm, would you consider being housemate with me?" nabigla ako sa sinabi nya.
"I don't think so, Hoku." I lowered my head so I don't have to look in his face.
"Do you love Beb?" napatingin ako sa kanya.
"Yes, I do."

And with that, tumayo na ako sa upuan ko at umalis na.

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